Day 04: Rythm

Rebo Legi, 7 Mulud

“Order is repetition of units.
Chaos is multiplicity without rythm.”

One blogpost a day. That's all that it takes.
This is one. No matter how short, this counts.
And a grand link to an encyclopedia of quotes that was.


If you're wondering about how I'm doing blogging-wise, Reader, I'm doing fine. Sure, it was a bit intimidating to post on a daily basis at the beginning. But this is my 4th simultaneous post; while words/thoughts/ideas are still pouring cats and dogs and donkeys.

I'm actually worried about you, Reader. I'm worried that if I post too "heavily too often", you don't manage to breathe between posts. This is one of the things worried me about posting everyday.

The idea of you being here - reading this, being with me on so many levels - is to learn from each other. Blog posts are supposed to be conversational; and it's an understatement to say that engaging with you is one of my favorite activities in blogging. The things I learn from you is as humbling as it is invigorating. And I don't want to be the bitch who gets all the fun.

So, how about 3-4 "heavy" posts-a-week, and the rest is serious play? It's actually stated in one of the well known blogging bibles: More posts, lesser words vs. less posts, more words. So we might as well give it a try, shall we?

Besides, it's Wednesday. We should start making weekend plans, for Thursdays and Fridays are my favorite days when I was in Saudi. Those were the Weekend Days. Smooching Days. Socializing Days. Cheat Days. I wonder how breakfast in Casper's & Gambini, Jeddah, sounds to you. Shall we meet there? Just bring your cameras, and leave your laptops. We'll go on dialog diarrhea and idea marathons. We'll bring up the dentist, and the past and current lovers, drop the headdresses and act as if we're Saudis-in-Denial-in-Beirut. We'll speak in no other language but cool.

Thursday morning. Eight-o'clock sharp.


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