Day 02: Prophetic Taste in Women

Senèn Wagé, 5 Mulud

Why The Prophet Risked Being Called a Nymphomaniac Satyr by Taking a Child as His Wife 1
  1. Because she was a fresh slate and very bright; she soaked up knowledge like a sponge.

  2. Because she was a woman, and choosing her as the keeper of his legacy was a response to anyone who'd say that women has half of a man's brain.

  3. Because she had a long and childless life ahead of her; thus the time to spread the Prophetic knowledge, even the most private habits.

  4. Because her father, Abu Bakr As-Siddiq, was The Prophet's best friend. This emphasizes the importance of genetic and genealogical heritage in choosing a spouse.

  5. Because she was feminine. She expressed jealousy when she felt like it. She cooed to him and enjoyed his attention and kisses (so much that she bragged about it). A lesson for you boys to never underestimate the power of feminine beauty. Or (Hershey) kisses.

Why Jesus Took A Former Prostitute as One of His Closest Disciples 2
  1. Because she had a past. That's a lesson in forgiveness and sins redeemed.

  2. Because she was beautiful and wealthy. An age-old lesson in female currency: You can use it for right, or for wrong.

  3. Because her past made her strong enough to endure the sight of her beloved prosecuted.

  4. Because she, "of all those whom Jesus had left on earth, was his beloved...was the one who stayed and wept".

  5. Because her life made it all the reasonable to spend the rest of it on a different cause, other than childbearing and housekeeping.

So why were women never called to prophecy?
Despite the Lord's acknowledgment in feminine intellect and strength (remember the Prophet's aunt, Sophie?), there's never been a Holy Call for a Prophetess. Doesn't the Lord believe in equality? Does the Lord think that childbearing could interfere with her career as His Messenger?

I'll leave the lines below empty for you to fill up, as much as you want. Every time someone tells me something reasonable, I'll add it, crediting it to your genius (or deviation).

And if I've tagged you on Facebook, it's your thoughts I'm specifically interested in. And if I don't, go ahead anyways. The invitation to thought is indefinite.3

Responses (so far):
  • Because men and women have different roles to play. Important in their own ways, the roles complement each other. The nature of Prophetic job is suitable to men.

    All that aside, the question is: Who has chosen to have men as Prophets? God. None can question His actions, but we will be questioned about ours. Plus His Wisdom and Knowledge is perfect, so there is no question of injustice, inequality.

  • True that it's God's will, but we should try to reason it from our own understanding as well. The Lord does believe in Equality. But at that time, the society didn't, and He took this into account.

    Women were treated like nothing but mere slaves and child-bearers. Would society have listened to them? The answer is NO. They would've suffered more if they were called into Prophecy.

    He created men with more physical strength to endure the aggression perpetrated by the ignorants, whereas women would've drown in the face of this adversity (I can only imagine; live burial, gang rape, genitals mutilation, and various other forms of torture) [Some of which, still exists today - ed.]. And yes, this would've also interfered with our assigned role as mothers, wives and sisters.

    We as women, already have our own responsibility of shaping the prosperity of mankind.

  • Because the Prophet was a special man. He was a model. And I don't think we need to question God's choice, personally speaking.

    We women shine in other ways and means that men cannot. It's just like saying that men would be total cowards if they were the ones having children.

    And oh Hning, the term "nymphomaniac" is used for females. It's "satyr" for guys. [Noted. Thanks, Coral. - ed.]

  • Because...

  • I wish you a nice, thoughtful day.

    1On Lady Aicha. I digress. I may never figure out all the reasons, but those were my theories. (Back to where you clicked 1. )

    2If you haven't figured it out, I'm talking about Mary Magdalene. Citations on her came from memory, here and here. (Back to where you clicked 2. )

    3All the stuff mentioned up there are in the books, and were recited based on memory. I'm only human; so correct me if I'm wrong. (Back to beginning of responses.)

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