Day 01: Begin Self-Inflicted Torment

Akad Pon, 4 Mulud

Message from NaBloPoMo
The theme for March blogging is GIVING (UP). If you choose to blog on the theme, you can write about what you give to your friends, your job, your world, or yourself every day. That "up" in parentheses gives you the option to also write about things you're throwing out, quitting, recycling, or eliminating from your life right now.

That was to tell you that I just joined Post-a-Day challenge for March 2009.

Which means: more pictures, lighter text. Which means that I gotta really be working/writing everyday. Which means that I should have a lot of excuses on skipping meals and drop a pound or long that my blogging company aren't edible.

I want to post daily is because writing everywhere and everyday, does not improve practical form or discipline. I spend days cultivating ideas in my head without turning them into the concrete post. Besides, I'm intrigued by the idea that someone can actually post daily that - just by looking at their latest post - I know what day it is on the calendar.

Speaking of which, and on the side theme of recycling, the other reason why I want to post daily is because I want to reintroduce the Javanese calendar, and how superstition is still relevant with modern, everyday conduct. An idea I've been toying with for a while now. :D You'll see what I mean.

In the mean time,
Thanks to everyone who chipped in on the survey. It's a nice assurance to know that I'm not just talking to my self or to the wrong audience. I'm glad to have you here, and I'll see you tomorrow, and everyday that follows. For a whole month.

Wishing you a positive day!

Afterthought: What the hell am I thinking?!
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