A Conversation with Critics

Kemis Pahing, 8 Mulud

Dude, your blog needs to get off the religious theme. It's kicking out readers.
It's MY BLOG!! I write what I want and I'm proud of my stuff! Any one who don't like can leave anytime they like!

Dude, you're not making any sense in your arguments.
I don't care! ALL my arguments make sense. It's your stupidity that's making it difficult for you to understand.

Dude, don't write too long articles. Nobody has the time to read all that gunk.
Yeah, so don't! BACK OFF!

Dude, your articles are all five-stars, but you gotta fix the blogging form just a little.
I'm only human, I'm entitled to make mistakes. So, like I said, BACK OFFFFF!!!!!!

Dude, you forgot to add the "n" on the title in the post about romance defintion.
SHUSH! No one saw. Besides, I took it out on purpose.

After thought: Critics, no matter how well-intended, are every egomaniac blogger's nightmare.
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