Blessed Beyond Comprehension


The person I live with listens to ailments and complaints everyday, twice a day, for two hours each. I once sat for a cup of tea, just to listen to the words exchanged between him and his "Patients". It fixed my day. 

"Pripun?" He'd start.

And they'd say, without fail,

My wife left me.
My lover refuses to divorce his wife.
My business is failing.
My daughter is dying from cancer.
I can't sleep
They're counting on me, and I don't think I can keep up with their expectations.
We're having second thoughts about our lives.

It's no wonder that after listening to hundreds of human ailments and complaints like the above for a week(?), a month (?), a life of calling(!), the world would mean nothing much to him.

So, in return, the world, for him, has provided.

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