The Wirst Foman


As I was carelessly mentioning in my previous post, about good blogs and how good women are involuntarily sad when they talk about their men. Us women tend to get tangled between extremes: Men are either too godly or too dastardly on the tongues of women. And the saddest are the kind with their men out of reach.

This 4.5 years old had a conversation with her mother about the two most important men in her life.
“Is Jesus coming today?”

Ummm…probably not. Why?

“When Jesus comes, Daddy will come with him. I want Jesus to come so Daddy can come back.”

So, yeah, it's nice to know that women can talk about heartbreak and death without turning it into a muck of mush for a change. Dignity should always be preserved even in worst case scenarios. Like in the death of a husband, a father or a cat. Not that death can't be funny, we might add.
Ella, what happened to Snickers? (Snickers is/was Robyn’s old cat who was recently put down)

“He died. He’s in heaven.”

With Daddy?

“No, he’s in kitty heaven. With Kitty Jesus.”
And funny is when men talk about women with an endearing effort to understand the women. Starting with the Wirst Foman.
Sometimes I try to put myself in Eve’s shoes: there she was, in the middle of paradise with no clothes on (ok, forget for a second that the Biblical nudity may represent innocence of mind, total openness, no taboos, no malice); unshaved legs and armpits; no manicure kit; no shoes (good grief!); and stuck to a guy (who, according to the evolutionists) was ugly as hell – what a turn off.
So maybe a guy's relationship with his mother can give indication to what kind of relationship he might have with his wife. A guy who is in conversational terms with his mother is probably a monogamist, too. Where else might a guy learn to love and respect women if not in the hands of his own mother? After all, Knowledge without wisdom and understanding is sheer arrogance and corruption, and the love between a mother and her children is the best place where this might start.

I know this for a fact from the way my brothers handle their women. I know the grief that my father has been to our mother has made my brothers gentlemanly - to some extent - with their women.

Sure, my brothers' ex-girlfriends might want take turns flaming my comment box, and that's fine by me. Former lovers tend to flame comment boxes for the very reason they did or did not make it to altar. And that's going to be another post about jealousy. For later.

Which got me into wondering, do you Google your former loved ones? What do you do after that? Do you just lurk around their sites, or do you also join in some sort of passive-aggressive behavior?
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