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It's February again, Valentine's month. Let the weight of that sink in before you proceed with the rest of this post, and before you flame my comment box for ever daring to mention it here, know that I probably agree with you, that Valentine is sickening kind of sweetness.

And since I understand blogging more than long-term commitments, here's a blog I've recently committed my heart to.

Actually, I found a lot of good blogs on "Blogitzer" Award Nomination List. An equivalent to Academy Award for "Best Blog Writing".

Wait. They actually acknowledge the effort? So blogging is not just about selling, or sickening ego-analysis, or pseudo-Passive aggression, or life hacking, traffic, comments, or SEO? You can actually just write well on a blog? Yes, and this lawyer does it well.

TheUnderBlawg is a closeted Public Defender with a heart too big to fit his office or case. So his articles are sequined with the kind of details that is just right to haunt.

For example, Mopping, is a story about cleaning up after the death of a beloved. Right when words seem to mark on all of your senses. You hear, and see and feel time exchanging hands - yes, just like coins - from the people described in this story, to the hands of Infinitum.
It was nothing. It was just a little thing, that was all.

But the way that he looked at her when he saw it. A look of fear and sadness. The sort of look only an old person can get, a person too old to think this can’t be happening to me, but still young enough to want to defy it, to be angry because though they understood it would come, they weren’t ready.
So ordinary objects and behaviors frame his stories. A mop. A walk at night. A hug. Put any of the previous ordinariness in extraordinary context. Voila.

Want proof? Try taking a shower inside a prison.
They let you shower once a week. They lock you in a room with six other guys and leave you there. Not everything that happens in those showers is right. Sometimes it’s agreed to, sometimes it ain’t. Either way, it ain’t none of your business. Everybody’s got to survive on their own. That’s just how it is.
I could drag on about this blog. Who knows, maybe the writer really is a nice guy. But I've had enough of groveling to men, as much as I loved them. I was raised in a country that did that on a constitutional basis. So it's okay to stop talking about him here.

So tell me, what well-written blog have you been reading lately?
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