Romance: How It's Not Always About Canoodling



I've only been single for a year and I've already forgotten what it's like to be in a relationship! If you think that's weird, well let me tell you that I haven't been single since I was 11 years old (with a DragongBallZ Character - Don't laugh! He was tall and tough!), and I thought that writing a definition about romance would be as easy as reciting my pin code.

How wrong I've been!

How could I have forgotten what it was like? [Click here to skip steamy (R~Rated) rant.]


Any one of you silly bystanders, get over here and let's be in love. For I have a posting deadline - no, not you, my absent lover, nor you, my forgetful muse, it is not you whom I fervidly long - to meet. Be quick, for compositions and conclusions are degenerating at the speed, of, thought, (punctuate here)

The less I know about you is the better: The deeper the fall, the sharper the plunge. Doesn't matter if you're married or unresponsive to women. Actually, nothing about you really matters, except the fall; for I can be in love for us both.

Isn't that what falling in love is all about: To believe in gut feelings and laugh at common sense?

Isn't that what sexy means: To fall in love with someone you don't know?

How can familiarity, with its weary ordinariness and bland refinery, arouse the senses and inspire the pen/brush/shutter, that having it set off all the alarms can only make every illegitimate craft resulting from it even the more Divine?

When Big Daddy said that worldly matters are limited to filling the gut and what's underneath it, did he also mean that nothing else matters?

Let's just cover the fact that my creative juice is on drought since my crotch has been barred to supply any. Without sexuality, I ain't a woman no more. I have been reduced to normalcy; becoming that woman whom I have always brutally scorned for her politeness and patience against whimsical destinies and wanton for desire.


Forgetting what it was like to be in a relationship did cause a couple of changes: I've picked up rural Javanese into my collection of languages, my relationship with my mother picked up, and this blog seems to pick up on readers.

Can you see why I think that marriage and monogamy is overrated?

What are you saying, woman?

I'm saying that romance is not restricted to the couples. Not that all couples enjoy romance on a daily basis, I might as well add. I'm saying that romance is merely a state of mind, and that anyone who capable of being happy can be romantic. That being single is just as romantic as being in a relationship; since you are blessed with the freedom to hold the remote, surf the web for days, write volumes of poetic crap - uninterrupted.

And the first step towards romance is Gratitude: The ability to enjoy and accept your life as it is. As it has been. As it'll be.

I've always thought that if someone is unhappy on their own, the presence of a partner would only spread that unhappiness. If you can't enjoy your meals alone, or the little money that you have, or the nagging family that you're born into, having someone to share it all with wouldn't add or lessen your misery. It'll only distract you from it...and only for as long that the relationship is still fresh. Give any relationship a couple of years for familiarity to take form in your relationship, and it'll be the same miserably rainy day all over again.

Except that this time you'll double the misery by having your significant other echoing your contempt.

Are you saying that Romeo was an idiot to kill himself for Juliet?
Romance isn't something that is expected to happen. Romance is something that could be happening right now, as I sit here writing this to you, while at the same time being ravaged by gawddayumn six-legged tropical demons mosquitoes. Romance is in how we look at ourselves, our work and act of worship, and - of course - our everyday relationship with the people around us. Romance is a daily decision to make: Whom are you going to love today?

Who else can you be romantic with?

I write letters to my mother and friends. I collect stories to entertain my loved ones, so that when I meet them I can make them laugh or maybe we can learn something from each other. We kiss at the beginning of a meeting, and separate with: "I love you, and I'll see you soon," instead of goodbyes.

Isn't all of that romantic? Isn't it a blessing to realize that romance is not limited to just one significant person, but to all who share that space in your heart, making it bigger and warmer as they gather there?

I have a feeling that bitter and selfish people can't be romantic, simply because they are stingy with love. Because only love could grow in size and capacity, by giving out more to others.

Don't you think? Share with me. Tell me what "ordinary" behavior you consider romantic? And, how about that for a romantic post?

PS: Wishing you a loving day.
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