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My friend, a gifted card reader and fellow spiritualist shaman, taught me something about money.

I went to the photocopyist the other day, and being the bigmouth that I am, I mentioned my line of work to the kiosk owner. She immediately asked for a quick session.

Right in the kiosk? In the market?

I'll ignore that. Stop giggling. And stop making faces at me too. Where was I? Right, so when I was done, she insisted on paying for the 15-minute massage, and I refused, because I thought..

I think that generosity is something, and what you're doing is naive (and a bit stupid).

Excuse me?

I understand the longing to help. I also know that helping others takes a toll on the helper.

I have the Lord as my source of strength.

I get that. In humanitarian services, it's should never be about the money; because you can't perform well if money was the main incentive. The thing is, it's not the massage that she's paying for, but her freedom. She needed to give you money – or any form of payment – for closure. Doing your job based on kindness doesn't mean that she should take it for granted.

That sounds a little scary. I'm afraid to lose my ideals. What makes me any different from profiteers or swindlers?

Getting paid actually maintains your ideals. It maintains your objectivity and professionalism. The thing that sets you apart from swindlers is not the payment, but the quality of your work; the effectiveness in making a difference. Your clients' willingness to pay - without you even asking for it - is one way to know that you're worth it.

And if I become greedy and start losing my ideals?

That's when you stop worrying about helping others, and it's not so bad because it's a different kind of freedom too.

I don't want to lose myself like that.

Somehow, I don't think you will. And even if you do lose your way a little, I'll help you find it again.


Only if you ask, love. As long that you ask.

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