A good pair of 501 Jeans
1. Can give relatively good protection from extreme weather conditions,

2. Can shield the covered flesh from malaria, dengue and itchy bug bites

3. Is a classic and durable fashion investment

4. Is socially acceptable worn in most daily occasions

5. Is environmentally friendly; since it can be worn daily with minimum care

6. Can be combined with a T-Shirt or a tank top, over a bra or chest hair

7. Can complement most body shapes, whether pear or apple or beer

God Bless the rugged and rough American cowboys for introducing, patenting and providing the world with enough 501 Jeans.

Sounds out of place, right? It's almost like you're on the wrong blog!

Here's the catch:
A quality-made pair of original 501 Jeans

a) Is usually sold in the hippest, fanciest malls of the world

b) Usually costs more than the average Indonesian's monthly minimum wage

c) Can only be purchased by the smartest, richest and securest individuals of the third world who are the least worried about six-legged semi-demonic beings popularly known as called mosquitoes

If you're ever bored of your 501 jeans, consider that you're luckier than most of the world's population to ever lay hands on such valuable clothing material. You probably never had to worry about cows or bugs in your life.

Image stolen borrowed from here.


  1. LOL!
    PS, it was the gold-diggers the first jeans were invented for: they complained of the speed their clothes got worn out, and a bloke called Levi, started to make hardwearing trousers out of sail-cloth, and in the end became much richer than the gold-diggers.
    Sorry if I'm too nerdy. :oops:

  2. LMAO

    I usually wear mine with chest hair...

    butt hey you can always get the lebi 511 for alot cheaper!

  3. Well people can get the same quality and durability with other less known brands...It's nice to have a pair of Levi's all right, but in the end, God doesn't take a peep at your butt to see if it's really Levi's or not; He wouldn't even spank you for not owning one, LOL

  4. Clouddragon,
    I stand corrected. It's always fun to guilt from uncontrollable splurges could lead to such an inspiring post. Thank you for the correction.

    You cheap pirate!

    He would, if I purchased it by stealing someone's money, and if not wearing enough of them ruins this vessel He has locked my soul in for the lifetime. Oh yes He would. We don't wanna piss Him off, do we?

    Care for a stroll to the mall with me, fellas?

  5. Hey gorgeous. You're right. There's always a catch. Why does is it that I would have to be filthy rich to afford to look like I'm a poor, struggling, hot, young artist?

    I've moved to this website:

    I don't write like I used to now, my new blog is very daily-journal-ish. Drop by sometime. I'll be reading you! xoxo

    - Nessreen