The History of Prophecy: Retold


"Lord," said His Holiness Prophet (HHP) Noah, looking up to a clear sky for the first time in 40 days, "Since the flood is residing, the olives are growing and the pigeons are flying, You think I might suggest something about the nature of man?"

The Lord who was deeply saddened with how His favorite creation destroyed under His Wrath, was barely in a chatty mood. Glad that He didn't let the angels or demons have the ability to snigger, He shrugged at HHP Noah's request.

Since the Lord didn't react by sending another drop of rain, HHP Noah took it as a good sign and went on with his request. "Lord, don't let man live too long. After 950 years of preaching, we barely got out of this flood with a handful of believers; barely worth the time and effort invested in saving them. Man is as arrogant and obtuse as they are, whatever we say to them. My bet is that any prophet coming in line after my time is going to go through the same sheer stupid stubbornness, and it's not worth Your heartache, Lord, nor the Prophets'."

So the Lord gave man a shorter life span.

"Lord," said His Holiness Prophet Abraham, "Circumcision at younger age? That was some tough meat my wife had to cut."

"Lord," said His Holiness Prophet Solomon, "Don't allow man to command the djinns. They could barely manage with material wealth. How do You think they could manage the supernatural?"

"Lord," said his son, His Holiness Prophet David, "Limit the women and material wealth too."

"Lord," said His Holiness Prophet Moses, "Don't set Your commandments on stone, for if there's anything dumber and tougher than stone, it'd be the mind of man. They might yield to what is gentler."

"Lord," said His Holiness Prophet Jesus, "Not the other cheek; don't be too gentle on man for they often need a lick of whip up their assess from time to time."

"Lord," asked His Holiness Prophet Mohammed on his final days as the last prophet sent to man, "How should I leave them until the end of days?"

The Lord said, "Tell them that, today, I have completed your religion, perfected My blessing upon you, and I have decreed Submission as the religion for you. [Holy Qur'an 5:3]"

Hence, after nearly 4000 years preaching, was the Prophecy's Farewell Sermon to man.
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