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I'm astounded. In the poll about whether or not my readers want to know more about dating in Saudi, 6 out of 7 voted "Yes". If any of you Yessirs are single and actually come here to know more dating tips – in Saudi, of all places?! – are you THAT desperate?

Not that I won't write about it again. I might. If…

…If you look back, throughout the years of this blog's miserable existence, I mainly wrote stumbling blabbers about heretic-antisocial beliefs and stories that are supposed to link myths with everyday living. Supposedly, there are lessons in these stories, and I might have missed the punch line like I often do, so I retell them to you, in case you can make better use learning from it.

Most Saudi dating stories I've heard are dangerous to the parties involved. And I mean dangerous is that, since the society denies it, it's just like drug dealing and gambling in conservative societies, or leftist journalism in a communist country, or smoking in my mother's house. Viewers', doers' and readers' discretion is highly suggested through all its stages.

So why promote it? Writing about dating in Saudi, or dating anywhere, or writing about anything at all, is not because I encourage or discourage such "deviant behavior", but because I believe in what every writer believes in: That their craft provides the readers with options. Looking at how others lived their lives, provides you with choices upon how YOU would have (wanted to) lived yours. Isn't that why biographies are published?

You may not immediately jump out of your window to find your true love by the end of this post (I sure hope you won't! You are supposed to be good to the environment and shut down all unnecessary electrical appliances before you jump), but you may learn how others have made such decisions, and what of their choices you might want to apply on your own search.

…if I do write about dating in Saudi again, it'd only because I am inclined to believe that you're just looking for someone to wake up with in the morning, a companion and a witness to your life.

At least until you realize that you've always been a complete person, all along, whatever your social status may be.

The last time I wrote about dating in Saudi, was when somebody was generous enough to ask those specific questions. This blog is Anonymous-Comment enabled, and my email is listed on my profile. I would rather you asked; because, probably a lot of you know, I'm usually gracious enough to respond without completely insulting your intelligence.

What do you want to know about dating in Saudi?

Wishing you a lovely New Year,
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