Now, why can't Blogthings be as honest as they were today?

Stop Wasting Everyone's Time

You're a narcissist and would love nothing more than having a story made out of your life. You have a knack for details and dialogue, if you can stop from becoming obsessive. Chances are, you indulge on sadistic tendencies by forcing everyone to read your story, then watch them gag and vomit and die from boredom. The joy is in watching their unsuspecting faces go: "What the hell did I just waste my life on?" And nothing would please you more than millions of people tricked into seeing your story on the big screen after threatening your more-talented baby brother into making it.

You're a Nuerotic and Egoistic Blogger

You think you are a well liked, though underrated, blogger. But you're WRONG; people don't visit your blog because they want to spare themselves the bullshit. You convince yourself that you're nice and are likely to blog for a cause. But secretly you know that you're doing it because you're an attention whore.
A good listener and friend, you tend to leave thoughtful comments for others just to show off that you know more English words than everybody else.

You Are an Arse!

Your blog tries to be smart, insightful, and a quality read. But you blunder at common sense and you're too anti-social to know your feet from your mouth. Of all the blogging types, you put the most vain thought and effort into your blog, which eventually nobody cares about. If only you could be less generic and self-centered!!! Get a life for crying out loud!!

PS: Answers like the ones up there can only appear on your results if you write them yourself. Blogthings are too nice to be THAT obnoxious, you know what I mean?
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