Got this question from Anon:
Hning, does size really matter? be honest.

Does it matter to you?

I guess to you it does, otherwise you wouldn't be asking me this, would you?

I've never heard this question coming from a size-assured guy, so I'm guessing that your size would fit an average Indonesian's Koteka. Assuming that all Indonesians are small, ya?

Forget that line, I was just being mean. Let's start over…

I've only heard this kind of question come from men. So what is it with guys and sizes anyways? It comes in different forms, but basically it means: "Am I man enough for you?" I bet you wanted to ask this question to every woman who caught your fancy, whether or not you know her last name.

How about this, if you wanna make it all that matters, then it does become all that matters. Because sex, if it's not from the heart, then it's only dependant on the mind: what you think becomes what you are. If you think that you're not big enough and that no woman would last with you for longer than a one night stand, then be it. If sex is the basis of your relationship, then yes, size and longevity and prolonged orgasm and acrobatic performances in bed are all that matters. And you can expect a very steamy, unreliable and untrusting relationship with the very person who lays beside you as you sleep.

My question really, do you really want to know? Do you really want to know if your size is appropriate for a girl's appetite or not?

Or do you have something else to sell?

I'll point out some elephants in the room here. You can't satisfy a woman if your artillery only enlists "extra-size". You know all the cringe-worthy Hollywood crap they show on melodramatic movies about guy-meets-girl? Yeah, you need to be that guy and some MORE. You HAVE TO be sensitive to her needs, her demands, her whines and yelps. In AND out of bed. And it doesn't matter whether you have a mammoth's trunk or a cigarette's butt tuck between your legs; if you really care about your girl, and she cares for you too, and you see kids in your future together, then size is really the last thing you should worry about.

Besides, even Marlboro Man gave up smoking at some point in his life.
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