Inevitable Question

Something about this country's lack of creativity and activity drives it nuts about marriage. I haven't met a relative or a friend who hasn't mentioned or judged or frowned upon my unlikely decision to postpone my marriage indefinitely.

- Yes, I'd like to be married one day, but not now.

- No, I'm in no rush, because children is not my right to decide on, when it is time, it is time. And the time is not.

- Assuming that I agree to be married right away, and crotch is desperate to be trafficked with flesh and semen (neglectful to the fact that marriage isn't always the only mean to have pleasures of the flesh satisfied), do you have someone in mind who'd dare to come and propose to the kind of she-demon that is me?

- Assuming that there is a fool absentminded and desperate enough to marry me into settledom, do you think that he has the strength and patience to tame a mare like me into servicedom?

- Assuming that – out of kindness – I spare this fool of a husband the dangers of losing his mind after living with me long enough to consummate and bear my tired womb with children, what kind of children do we think I'm going to raise other than Halflings of my own self?

Shove it, you fools.
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