5 things to do with Hning

This is a list of things that I really enjoy doing with literally anyone. I decided to share it here because they seem to bring out the best and most memorable moments with my friends and family. It's also something for you to look forward to in case you wanna hangout with me someday. :)

All of the things here work marvelously for me, that's why they're written with such enthusiasm. Tell me which are the ones that work for you too, and maybe add some more.

1. Help me choose and purchase outfits.
The question "what do you think about this shirt?" or "how do I look?" really are serious questions because I've been severely cautioned from wardrobe shopping unattended. No, I don't have a bad fashion taste, I just don't have taste at all. Except for underwear (which I still buy on trial-and-error basis), I always have someone to choose it for me.

2. Go out on a walk/ride/drive.
Some of the best stories I've heard came from fellow travelers. Some of the best conversations were exchanged during a walk/ride/drive. Something about being on the road does things to your head and attitudes. They can be quickest way to trigger meditation and it only gets better with good company.
The bonus is that once the conversation dies and sweat begins to break, the silence is surprisingly never uncomfortable with the change of scenery shared with someone else.

3. Cook. The kitchen is like a playground for grownups. Good food warms the heart as much as it fills the stomach. Experimenting with ingredients brings out the creative side in you. Even the seemingly tedious work of plucking leaves from the spinach stem has that calming effect. And nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing someone enjoy the food you've prepared.

4. Massage.
I'm almost certain that lack of physical contact makes us prone to loneliness and more aggressive/defensive towards others. Massage is one of the best ways to tackle the lack of physical touch because it can be done almost anywhere, doesn't require condoms, or complicated emotions.
A good massage doesn't require the recipient to lay butt naked in a mystical ambience with candles and New Age music. A good massage only requires the sincerity to wish wellness for the person receiving the massage. If you got that part right, just press your palms and fingers, and let your heart flow.

5. Teach me something. Some of the most practical lessons in my life were learnt out of the classroom. Skills like driving a car, standing on my head, punching a drill into the wall, saying "F*ck you" in German and Acehnese, drink a tequila from a shot glass with no hands, navigating through South of Jakarta. Every time I use these skills, I remember the people who taught it to me, wishing them (most of the time) well.

Others: - Tarot card reading. (works like math)
- Gossip marathon. (see how many people you can talk about in one hour)
- Compliment. (Everyone is a sucker for these)
- Share things. (Shirts, photos, music, food, candies, stories, stories, stories)
- Travel together. (I read this quote somewhere: "You never know someone until you've traveled with them.")
- Cuddle for a full-minute. (No such things as too much love)
- Try a new place to eat.

What's your thing?
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