How To Not Want To Drive: Drive In The Big Durian


Setting: Lunch Time Rush Hour – Jakarta, Highway.

Hning: Behind the wheels to her beat up Toyota Kijang, in Abaya and Headdress, fresh out of the Saudi embassy, sweating profusely, giddy from the congested traffic, running 20km/hr on her tenth hour of practice driving behind those awful hordes of cars and motorbikes from hell.

Instructor: Old man in his fifties, doesn't give a crap about neither car or driver, and is only thinking about what to have for lunch with his wife.

Instructor: Doesn't even look at Hning as he says: "Okay, honey, you seem to be doing fine. I'll leave you now for lunch." – AND JUMPS OUT OF THE CAR!!

Hning: Is flabbergasted.

Hning: Starts again driving because cars behind her are honking like mad.

Hning: Scratches a car, breaking one sign-light, muffling protests with a blue Indonesian banknote, and hollering apologies at the car owner.

Hning: reaches home safely. Kisses the ground and says: "Never, ever again!" Then stuck on environmentally friendlier public transport, such as trains, bicycles, ojeks and magic carpets.

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