A penny for your thoughts about Jeddah?

I need happy thoughts. I'm trying to convince myself to go back to Jeddah for a number of personal and semi-professional reasons.

Can you help make this process easier?

Tell me what things are there to look forward to in Jeddah. Tell me about things in Jeddah that never fails to cheer you up and help you unwind when everything else is just too hectic and annoying. Remind me of the little things, big things, goofy things that usually can tickle your happy-bone-marrow.

Make lists, essays, mind maps, diagrams, photographs, whatchumacallit…or if the subject has already been covered somewhere, feel free to point it out to me.

Be generous (I'm desperate for any ideas!), be creative (as half of my readers are artists of some sort), be kind (unless you have a personal distaste of having me be in Jeddah), be straight to the point (I'm too obtuse to decipher encryptions), and maybe by the end of this year you could have save one more mind from going berserk. Again.

Thank you for the thoughts.

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