Another One of Those Crossroads

When do you decide to quit on each other, on a job, or on a project?

When do you realize that it's time for you to put an end to a relationship, a break to a contract, and move on?

How do you know that you're ready to let go and start anew? How do you know that this is not another mistake?

I used to think that there aren't any mistakes in life. Just harsh lessons.

Then again, how can I be so sure that I'm learning anything at all? Or not?

What if this "starting-all-over-again" turns out as uncomfortable as it is now? Is it worth the effort to readjust again? Is it worth the effort to move on?


The only constant thing in this realm is constant change.
Nothing is definite. Nothing remains.

And we are bound to change.
Move in and out of things: places, jobs, positions, labels (child, mother, grandmother, حبيبتي, etc), years, relationships.

These are the "Inevitable Rules Life".

This doesn't change how much I love you. Doesn’t do justice to the rest of the submerged iceberg of guilt and grief to reach the end of this phase, and tell you that I have to go again.

I do. Have to. Go again.

And I will not look back.

Somewhere along the way, I may regret leaving.
I may want to come back.
I may back down on my decision.

But one sure thing is that, when I leave, I'm not going to regret staying.

I'm not going to regret Inevitably Living.
Or trying to.
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