The Kind of Album You'd Wanna Show Mom... convince her that what you're doing it worth while even though it doesn't include marrying a Saudi or making the kind of money that would buy you a crib in Hamra in Jeddah.

These photographs were taken on the field, in one of the closest refugee barracks for the tsunami victims. We were there for evaluation and...picture whoring.

Read on if you wanna know my impression on this experience:
We had an appointment with the female BINGO beneficiaries in a barrack residential area nearby; just to ask them how the BINGO has performed in the last 2 years of service.

Interview contents aside, it's amazing how these human beings are capable of surviving on such meager conditions. The latrines are all public, water runs only between 7 and 8 in the morning, and sources of income is extremely difficult to find.

It's equally amazing how children manage to make the best out of this. Children still have room to play and interract with the enviroment, each other, and their inner selves.

This pretty much confirms tells you to never lose my inner child through hardship.
Play safe, folks.
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