I took that picture, and saw a beautiful moment.

Everyone was tired and hungry.

Everyone’s relieved to be seated in front of food again.

Everyone’s waiting for that first warm bite of dinner in the cold mountainous climate.

Everyone was happy to be there.

Someone suggested to offer prayer.
“Ladies and gentlemen, let us offer thanks to the Lord who has brought us here together tonight. Allahumma barik lana feema razaqtana, wa qina azaab an-naar. Amen.”

“Amen,” said three or four members of the congregation.
“Amen? You mean that’s it? That’s all the prayer you’re gonna offer?” said one member.
“Well, now you know how Saudis pray, don’t ya?” said the only atheist, before digging into his spoonful of rice.

Amen to that.
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