I've been coming home too tired to write stories these days.

The airconditioner at the office is busted, and the logistic manager's out of ideas to fix it. With weather like Meulaboh (tropical, humid, sticky!), it's hard to keep one's spirits up for creativity, and by the end of the day, the only thing that I really wanna do is shower, open a can of beer and vegetate in front of the television until morning of the next day.

[You know exactly what kind of day I'm talking about]

On a higher note, since most of us at work seem to be so miserable from lack of technology-controlled environments, I've started this habit of asking people about some good news.

Any good news.

The sadder and more miserable you are is the more likely that I will ask for good news.

Here's a sample of answers that I've been getting:
"Telkomsel network is working again."

"My vacation is coming up."

"I finished work earlier than I expected."

"The floods in Jakarta is receding."

And my own answer was: "I had lunch with friends today."

Lovely, isn't it?

Positive questions lead to positive thinking. Doesn't always work automatically, but it sets your brain into a state of realistic hopefulness. Good things are always around, the trick is how we can notice them.
Oh, and there's a long weekend coming up. Since the Chinese New Year is going to be celebrated on the 18th of February, I'm gonna be out of work (most probably vegetating infront of the television) until next Tuesday.
No, wait...is that good news or bad news?
PS: Love is sent to the folks in Jeddah and Jakarta. I'm miserably, wretchedly, heartily missing you. Can't someone send me some Hummus or Albaik or something?
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