Let this be a reply to both of your comments.

First, kudos to both of your well-thought of comments. It's always nice knowing there are thoughtful people like you out there.

The only reason why I'd be a feminist is when somebody tells me that I can't drive when he could. When somebody tells me that I can't go out without telling him, and he could.

And I do agree with you. Good marriages are rare to come by, but when they do, it's heaven on earth.

It's the bad marriages that makes writings like these come up every now and then. Maybe they're not as frequent as I see it, but they sure raise a lot of steam. *grin*

So thank you for reminding me of my own biases.


I’m sorry I broke your heart. It was a fantasy. Not him. It sure did get me into a lot of trouble though. *nyengir, salah tingkah*
I’ll see you Friday.
And thank you for your prayers.


I reckon that you still want to get married. So be grateful. I’m doing you a favor. Tak sadar jugakah kamu?


Dude…busyet deh. I can smell you when you think of me. Stop thinking of me, because it’s driving my kids nuts!
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