Fulfilled Single


How can anyone regret singlehood when life is generously fulfilling?

I’ve never met a single person (pun intended) in Saudi who doesn’t complain of loneliness and spousal longing when they hit that certain age. Heck, I keep losing guy friends because of this. Either because they start treating me as a girlfriend, or because they get married and don’t want to “cheat” on their wives by maintaining a friendship with a quirky female like myself. Oh, you know who you are!

Is life really that unfulfilling in Saudi?

Don’t know for sure, but I think that marriage becomes the next best thing when you run of out steam for life. Marriage is the social solution to everything in Saudi: are you sad and depressed? Get married! Do you have an addiction problem? Get married! Are you jobless? Get married! Are you homosexual? Get married! Are you tired of your marriage? Get married again!

What would happen if people suddenly stopped pushing marriage as a solution to everything? Would we start becoming grateful for what’s already been given and ask for no more?

That’s not realistic, is it? Humans are prone to sin, prone to fall in love, and to succumb to temptation, no matter how tough our yearly resolutions are.

Prayers don’t always work in repelling temptation. The thing with temptation is that, when it strikes, it will force aside every danged mental and physical obstacle, persuade like there’s no tomorrow and raise an iron-clad demand. And crawling closer to God actually makes temptation harder to deny, sometimes. Because the closer you are to the source of light, is the darker becomes the shadow that follows you around.

(That’s why I’m always wondering what catholic monks do for fun).


One point of blogging is to raise questions I cannot answer to the surface. Let whoever out there think along and maybe ask more enlightening questions. The goal to asking questions is not to get answers, just to bask in wonderment and let that damned grey matter click its way on its own.

Some people aren’t meant to get married (at least not right away). Some questions aren’t asked to get straight answers. And some of you out there should stop worrying about what’s coming ahead of you; because whatever is coming, will come on its own time. And when that happens, nothing in the world will have the power to stop it.

So have a good one, folks.

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